Whole workshop of makers for your full custom LARP armor kit!

Custom LARP orders

Do you have preferences for the different paint jobs? Or you want to change basic attachments to more fitting? 

Here at LARPSHOPKEEPER.COM, we can provide such services on the agreement of both sides. We will need a detailed technical task with an in-depth description of what you would like to get or achieve. Our LARPSHOPKEEPER team will try to find the best solution for you as a client because our primary goal is to bring the maximum customer service experience. 

For example, you would like to change the type of attachments on your breastplate, because you already have some armor parts with the different connections. It won't be a problem for us. Just write a message to us here or by using our social media contacts, and we will help you to find the right way.

Having much more complicated idea?

Then our workshop - Pale Horse Workshop - can create original and fascinating full sets of armor just for you!

Full armor custom kits and original commissions at Pale Horse Workshop

Usually, LARP shops provide many standard products that can be found everywhere on the web. But having a big workshop behind our shoulders is the most significant difference between our company and the others. 

Our Workshop team can deliver original ideas and opportunities for your appearance in the LARP community. First of all, they are custom armor makers. Pale Horse Workshop has experience in different areas, starting from the basic sculpting, molding, and casting processes, and finishing the list with very complex tasks like soldering, programming, animatronics, etc. With this knowledge, they can recreate any of your idea within your budget.

Are you planning to gear up the full team in our costumes?

If you have a local team and want to look like a squad of geared militia or knights, we can help you. Our design team from Pale Horse Workshop can bring your ideas to the paper and then to real life.

Also, team orders gain benefits in the workshop schedule and pricing. By the way, every customer who orders his unique full armor set will have the ability to get royalty, if we will come to an agreement to distribute copies of these products in our online LARP shop to the world. If the client wants to keep all his rights for the original design, we will obey to this fact.


Is it possible to make an original full armor set for the upcoming LARP event in 1 month?

  • In most cases, the answer will be no. Usually, the Pale Horse Workshop has the list of future orders in advance, so if you want us to take your commission order, you will need to make a proper schedule. You can contact us, and we will deliver your needs or visit our workshop website to find more details about its plans for the year.

What can you modify in the products that you are selling?

  • We can change colors, painting techniques, weathering. Besides, we can change and customize all attachment parts; foam and leather paddings. Those options, usually, are free, depending on the complexity of your task. But if you want to place some extra bits that we will need to produce from scratch - we will ask for additional payment for materials and the working time.

Where can I shop for the full monster costumes for LARP?

  • Pale Horse Workshop makers can make full monster costumes for LARP using latex and foam, or even make an armored one. If it's not a unique commission, and just one of our upcoming projects for the LARPSHOPKEEPR.COM, we can manufacture them and sell through our online shop.