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Looking for some ready-for-battle LARP costume? You came to the right place. LARPSHOPKEEPER.COM can offer top-notch gear for your characters. In our LARP shop, you can find such armor parts like medieval-styled breastplates, helmets, gorgets, and even hip armors.

We combined dark and grim fantasy styles with real medieval armors. This kind of design brings much more to the character look rather than simple and standard kits that you can find elsewhere. On the other hand, our armor is still functional and very comfortable to wear. Another significant advantage of polyurethane material, which we use in most of our products, is preventing overheating. Have you ever tried on real steel armor and gambeson combined with the summer heat? It’s very exhausting and uncomfortable.

LARPSHOPKEEPER.COM gear allows you to feel much better, comfortable, and fancy as heck in our costumes for LARP.

Besides, here at our LARP shop online, you can read different articles about LARPing in different countries and areas; what’s the difference between polyurethane and polyester resins; detailed guides about how to make those armors by yourself. At LARPSHOPKEEPER.COM, you can find help inside such topics as how to maintain your leather or plastic armor in good condition.


We appreciate each of our customers, that's why you can rely on special offers and bonuses. We will provide the best online LARP shop experience for you. Besides, if you write a customer review about our product or your shopping experience, we will grant you a discount. You can contact our team for more details.

Why should you choose us?


Living in America or Australia? Or maybe we should drop your armor at the North Pole? No problem, because our shipping company can reach you everywhere on this planet!


Making clients happy - our primary goal. Watching people running in LARP gear, that we have created is a great pleasure for our eyes. Getting good reviews - PRICELESS!


As here at the LARPSHOPKEEPER.COM, we understand the needs of each of our customers. Years of LARPing gives us the knowledge to create comfort for you!

LARP shop keeper - custom armor!




Our production team is located in Ukraine, which covers the most significant part of Europe. It brings us several advantages, and the most important is the import of high-quality materials from all around the world. Here we are open to a wide variety of polyester and polyurethane resins, different silicones, plastics, and even foam. Having business here in Ukraine doesn't limit you when it comes to such things.

Besides, in our country, we have a lot of different talents: amazing handcrafters and sculptors. But again, we are not limited here. Hence, our team consists of talented people from Austria and the UK, and we are living in 2023, so we can build multinational and multicultural teams without any borders and limits. 

Every member of our team brings his ideas and experience to every single project presented in our online shop for comfortable LARPing. Summing everything and transforming it from rough sketches and concepts to the final product is a long way, but totally worth it.


Our online LARP shop started its life in January 2023 and at the moment, we can't show a super wide variety of things and armors. But we are hardly working on it. Right now, you can observe our first collection of the Fantasy Knight armor parts, which will soon transform into a full kit. 

We are planning to expand such categories: helmets, breastplates, leg armor, hip armor, bracers, shoulder armor, accessories, and gorgets

LARP SHOP KEEPER - TOP-quality gear for LARPing


It is common for a newcomer to look for the easiest way to start their LARPing experience. Live-action-role-play games can be various, based on multiple settings, having different rules. But in most cases, you will need some thematic gear. Our online shop LARPSHOPKEEPER can help you with that.

Here you can find a good quality LARPing gear for an affordable price. Some people can be even surprised because we don't have high costs for our standard stuff; the design is still outstanding. 

What else can we propose besides this? Best service! Since we are LARPers, we will help you design your character, upgrade it with our full sets of armor, or combine different parts to complete the original look. Enjoying LARP is not just spending money on the TOP gear that you can find on the internet between various workshops and online LARP shops. You can feel very special; all you need is to have good taste and understanding the need for your character. 

In our online shop for LARP, you can always ask help. We will try to do everything possible to establish good relationships between you as a customer and us as the company that provides quality gear for your LARPing needs.


Here, at LARPSHOPKEEPER.COM, we will share our passion for costume making with you. Our online LARP shop will fulfill all needs in the right looking armor parts: helmets, breastplates, shoulder pads, bracers, hip armor, belts, and leg armor. Our initial design setting is a grim and dark fantasy, taking roots from the times we were kids. Every one of us wanted to become an orc berzerker, mighty barbarian, or medieval knight.

All of these characters require some excellent protection, especially if you are going to play in combat on the bloody battlefields between dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of people.

Besides, in such battles, you can be easily lost without proper visual identifications. By ordering armor from us, you are granted not only by durable protection but excellent and unique design, supported by top-notch paintjob and weathering. 

Purchase in our LARP shop online will be one of the most exciting moments in your entire LARPing experience. Visit our product catalog to look at the fantastic ideas, details, and reasonable prices! 

Having a big team or running your own business?

Our LARP shop online provides different discounts and special offers for LARPing teams around the world. You can even expect free armor customization or  different accessories for your team costumes.

Besides, if you are an owner of the LARP game and want to upgrade the overall look of players or even NPCs, you can contact us using this page. We are quite cooperative and are open to any LARP related businesses.


What materials do you use to make armor for LARP?

  • All our plastic armor is made out of high-quality polyurethane resin, produced by such companies like Axson and Smooth-On. Also, we put some fiberglass layers inside to reinforce the structure. If we are speaking about leather parts, in that case, we use only veg tan leather. All standard buckles are made out of brass.

Is polyurethane LARP armor safe?

  • Starting from the first concept of the armor piece, we think about all dangerous situations that can happen on the battlefield to a player. Then we make a plan of how to avoid those situations and adapt it to our armor parts, which are tested several times before they reach our online LARP store. Besides, we run several crash tests. So yes, armor that is made out of polyurethane is totally safe and can withstand a lot of damage.

Where can I buy a high-quality LARP armor set?

  • If you are reading this, that means that you came to the right place. LARPSHOPKEEPER.COM is a European online store with the best LARP supplies. You can buy high-quality polyurethane resin armor parts for your character or even order a full custom monster costume.

Do you sell and deliver your products overseas?

  • Yes, we do. We can send our LARP products not only within the EU but everywhere, would it be Alaska or Australia. It will just take a bit of extra time for delivery companies. Usually, we send our packages with Ukrposhta. UPS and DHL can be an option too.