Planning to raid a dragons lair so ballads of your heroic deeds will sound in the halls of noble kings? Going on a crusade against alien invaders? Or do you feel more like chanting folkloric songs with your dwarf and halfling companions in the local tavern, dancing on the table, and drinking mead?


LARPSHOPKEEPER online store is a part of a big company named Pale Horse Workshop based in Ukraine and Austria. We offer our customers different armor kits and costumes with worldwide shipping, and the main workshop provides us enough LARPing supplies, and of course, exclusives.

Here, on this website, you can get affordable polyurethane and leather armors and accessories. If you want to gear up your whole team, we can provide a good discount or even customization.

If you didn´t find what you are looking for in our online LARP store feel free to contact us, we would love to bring your ideas to life and help you to create your very own Reality.

May your new adventure begin!